Dars Whole Wheat Cookie Crunch

Sushi Junction now has Dars - One of Japan's most popular chocolates!
DARS is a well-loved line of chocolate cubes from Moringa Japan. These chocolates come in pull-out trays that contain a dozen choco bites that you can easily pop in your mouth! With 4 flavors like milk, dark milk, white, and cookie crunch — you’ll surely find DARS chocolate “delicious, fun, and healthy!
Dars Whole Wheat Cookie Crunch
Milk chocolate and whole grain oats come together to make a sweet and crunchy treat.

Indulge as you munch on these sweet milk chocolate cubes! Each piece is packed with crushed fragrant whole-grain biscuits that also have oats. These choco bites come in a slide-out tray for easier access.

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