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No Sushi For You!

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No Sushi For You!
Sounds rude? You will be amazed at just how dedicated sushi Chefs are towards their craft!
Different kinds of Sushi have different degrees of flavour with subtle differences between them. To fully enjoy and appreciate the Chef’s craft one must start with the light flavoured sushi and move towards the stronger flavoured ones. A good guide could be the colour of fish, start with white fish, then silver, red, then the heavier flavoured salmon or salmon roe and end with the heaviest fish like fatty Tuna.
Starting with a strong flavoured fish like Tuna will over power your senses and you won’t be able to appreciate the subtle flavours as well as the Chef’s true art. This is why sushi Chef’s take offence when a customer starts their meal with sushi like a Tuna roll. Wouldn’t you be too? If you had to wake up at 4 in the morning to pick up the best fish!
It takes 10 years to become an Itamae,(Chef) to learn the proper technique of cutting fish properly, cooking vinegared rice to just the right consistency and serving sushi in the proper manner. Sushi master chefs are known to dedicate their whole lives to mastering their craft.
And so, it should not come as a surprise to know that master Chefs are famous for refusing to serve customers who don’t know the proper way to eat sushi. These days, it’s even a topic of hot discussion in Japan whether the way a person orders sushi at a sushi bar can be taken as a sign of proper upbringing and etiquette!
So, if you ever find yourself at a sushi bar, be mindful of what you order and in case you get confused just leave it up to the Chef. Just say, "Omakase" that means, Chef’s choice. Leave it up to the Chef to serve you the best sushi in the proper order :D
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