Let's Welcome Spring With Setsubun and Delicious Ehomaki!!!

Let's Welcome Spring With Setsubun and Delicious Ehomaki!!!

Setsubun Festival

Just like Lohri or Makar Sankranti in India, the Japanese also have a festival marking the end of Winter and the beginning of Spring.  It is called, "Setsubun" (Meaning division of seasons) also known as the Bean-Throwing Festival. It is observed on the 3rd of February.

On Setsubun, people cleanse their homes of evil and pray for good luck in the coming year. "Fuku mame", i.e., fortune beans (Roasted Soy Beans) are thrown out the door or at a member of the family wearing a demon mask, all in good fun. They chant the words, "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" (Meaning Demon out! Luck in!) and slam the door. Symbolically ridding their home of evil and welcoming good luck.

It's also the day people look forward for biting into a very special sushi, known as "Ehomaki" (Meaning, lucky direction roll). It is a long Futomaki (large sushi roll) consisting of 7 lucky ingredients.

Fortune Roll

This year, Sushi Junction is taking pre-bookings for our authentic Fortune Roll Sushi. It consists of 7 carefully chosen ingredients that are bound to bring you good luck and deliciousness in every bite.

It is customary to bite into the sushi while facing a lucky direction, which changes each year. This year, it's East-North-East. So don't forget to pre-book an Ehomaki for February 3rd. Click here to order!

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